You can find many Caribbean wedding destinations throughout the remote and intimate islands spread across the Caribbean Sea. They offer a variety of landscapes like beaches, rainforests, jungles, and cliffside waterfalls. Because of their size and location, travel time is longer from most U.S. cities, as fewer flights are available, and costs are higher. In these small destinations, you will find fewer resorts, so the rates will be more expensive too.


Flight rates

$530 - $800
average roundtrip cost

Room rates

$215 - $1000
average cost per night

Flight rates

average wedding cost

Same-sex Friendly

Exciting Nightlife

Catamaran Trips

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Beautiful Beaches


Many of the smaller Caribbean Islands are welcoming and happy to accommodate same-sex weddings.

Many of the smaller islands offer unforgettable catamaran cruises.

There is an endless amount of beautiful beaches to explore, with remote locations in St. Lucia, and the famous Nassau Beach in the Bahamas.

From St. Martin to the Bahamas, guests will find many exciting options for nightlife.

The smaller the island, perhaps the better the reefs, with numerous scuba diving and snorkeling spots throughout the various destinations.

Vacationers will find many enticing shopping hubs, especially in the Bahamas, known for its duty-free shopping and luxury outlets.

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